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SEC Filings

PENSKE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, INC. filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/16/2017
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In 2016, we purchased $640,652 in vehicle transportation services from United Road Services, a national auto transport company ("URS"). Additionally, we sold $834,542 in trucks and related parts to URS from our PTG subsidiaries. URS is indirectly majority owned by Charlesbank Capital Partners, an affiliate of Michael Eisenson, one of our directors. TRP and Roger Penske collectively own approximately 8% of URS.

Our officers, directors and their affiliates periodically purchase, lease or sell vehicles and parts or purchase graphic automotive services from us or PTL at fair market value. This includes purchases and sales of trucks, logistics and other services and parts as between our subsidiaries and those of PTL (principally consisting of purchases of $11.1 million of trucks and parts by PTL from our PTG subsidiaries, and purchases $276,944 of used trucks by PTG from PTL). PTL and affiliates of Penske Corporation purchased $1.5 million of graphics and millwork from our I.M. Branded subsidiary.

Additionally, we hire service technicians who have graduated from Universal Technical Institute ("UTI"), a provider of technical education, whose Chief Executive Officer, Kimberly McWaters, is one of our directors. We generally make no payments to UTI relating to the hiring of these graduates and hire them on the same terms as other employers.

Mr. Sasaki, one of our board members, received $346,386 in total compensation relating to his service as Senior Vice President — International Business Development, including a tax allowance of $17,279 relating to $29,107 of non-cash compensation. Mr. Sasaki is an employee of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (Japan). To the extent his salary exceeds or is less than an amount set annually by Mitsui, he makes or receives payments to/from Mitsui intended to mitigate the effect of exchange rate changes.

An entity (the "Investor") controlled by one of our directors, Lucio A. Noto, owns a 20% interest in one of our subsidiaries, UAG Connecticut I, LLC, pursuant to an agreement which entitles the Investor to 20% of the operating profits of UAG Connecticut I. This agreement also provides the Investor with the right to appoint one of three directors, as well as "tag-along rights" in the event we intend to sell our interest in UAG Connecticut I. We have a right of first refusal with respect to any potential sale by the Investor of its interest. From time to time, we provide UAG Connecticut I with working capital and other debt financing. The Investor also paid $282,074 to us in 2016 pursuant to its option to purchase up to a 20% interest in UAG Connecticut I. In addition, UAG Connecticut I makes periodic pro rata distributions, pursuant to which the Investor was paid $505,590 during 2016.

A separate entity controlled by Mr. Noto (the "Additional Investor"), owns a 20% interest in our subsidiary that owns Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich. From time to time, we provide Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich with working capital and other debt financing and expect to make periodic pro rata distributions from Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich to the Investor which totaled $695,087 in 2016. We have entered into an operating agreement that provides rights and obligations similar as those described above with respect to UAG Connecticut I.

Mr. Noto also has an indirect ownership interest in Putnam Leasing Company, which is a provider of leasing for premium vehicles. In 2016, Putnam Leasing purchased $11.0 million in automotive contracts from us, representing 53 vehicles, to offer leasing to our customers.