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PENSKE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, INC. filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/16/2017
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of seven representatives of PTL's Advisory Committee and approval rights over significant governance items of PTL. We continue to have the right to pro rata quarterly distributions equal to 50% of PTL's consolidated net income, and we expect to realize significant cash tax savings.

We may only transfer our interests with the unanimous consent of the other partners, or if we provide the remaining partners with a right of first offer to acquire our interests, except that we may transfer up to 9.02% of our interests to Penske Corporation without complying with the right of first offer to the remaining partners. We and Penske Corporation have previously agreed that (1) in the event of any transfer by Penske Corporation of their partnership interests to a third party, we shall be entitled to "tag-along" by transferring a pro rata amount of our partnership interests on similar terms and conditions, and (2) Penske Corporation is entitled to a right of first refusal in the event of any transfer of our partnership interests, subject to the terms of the partnership agreement. Additionally, PTL has agreed to indemnify the general partner for any actions in connection with managing PTL, except those taken in bad faith or in violation of the partnership agreement.

The partnership agreement allows GE Capital or Penske Corporation, beginning December 31, 2017, to give notice to require PTL to begin to effect an initial public offering of equity securities, subject to certain limitations, as soon as practicable after the first anniversary of the initial notice. The party that is not exercising this right may seek to find a third party to purchase all of the partnership interests from the exercising party or to propose another alternative to such equity offers. In connection with the right to cause PTL to conduct an initial public offering, the PTL partners have agreed to customary demand and piggyback registration rights. As part of the transaction, beginning in 2025, we and Mitsui have been granted a similar right to require PTL to begin an initial public offering of equity securities, subject to certain limitations, as soon as reasonably practicable. The term of the partnership agreement was extended to December 31, 2035 or such later date as the limited partners may agree.

Historically, affiliates of GE Capital ("GEC") provided PTL with a majority of its financing, though PTL has refinanced all of its GEC indebtedness. As part of that refinancing, we and the other PTL partners created a new company ("Holdings"), which, together with GEC, co-issued $700.0 million of 3.8% senior unsecured notes due 2019 (the "Holdings Bonds"). GEC agreed to be a co-obligor of the Holdings Bonds in order to achieve lower interest rates on the Holdings Bonds. As part of Mitsui's purchase of its 20.0% ownership interest in PTL in March 2015, the ownership interest of GEC in Holdings was redeemed, Holdings was relieved of its obligations under the indenture for the Holdings Bonds, and Holdings became obligated to pay to GEC 50.1% of all interest and principal due under, and 100% of the expenses related to, the Holdings Bonds to the extent Holdings has cash in excess of a certain level of permitted working capital, subject to certain limitations. Additional capital contributions from the members may be required to the extent Holdings is unable to pay those amounts. We have agreed to indemnify GEC for 9.0% of any principal or interest that GEC is required to pay on these bonds and pay GEC an annual fee of approximately $0.95 million for acting as obligor. The maximum amount of our contingent obligations to GEC under this agreement is 9.0% of the required principal repayment due in 2019 (which is expected to be $63.1 million) and 9.0% of interest payments under the Holdings Bonds, plus fees and default interest, if any.

As part of the refinancing transactions in 2012, we entered into a limited liability company agreement of Holdings. We have governance rights in Holdings typical of a minority investor and, in light of our indemnification requirements related to the Holdings Bonds noted above, we have the right to approve certain additional debt obligations before incurrence by Holdings to the extent such incurrence would affect our indemnification requirements, any change in Holdings' business activities and changes to the maturity, interest rate and principal amount of the Holdings Bonds. The agreement contains restrictions on our ability to transfer our interests similar to those in the existing and revised PTL partnership agreement discussed below.