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PENSKE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, INC. filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/16/2017
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Director Compensation

The Board of Directors believes that its members should receive a mix of cash and equity compensation, with the option to receive all compensation in the form of equity. The Board of Directors approves changes to director compensation only upon the recommendation of the Compensation and Management Development Committee, which is composed solely of independent directors. Although all of our directors are eligible for our charitable donation matching program discussed below, only those directors who are not our employees are eligible for director compensation.

Annual Fee and Stock Award.     Each non-employee director receives an annual fee of $40,000, except for audit committee members, who receive $45,000. Committee chairpersons receive an additional $5,000. These fees are payable, at the option of each non-employee director, in cash or common stock valued on the date of receipt (generally in the fourth quarter of the year of service). Our non-employee directors also receive an annual grant of 4,000 shares of stock.

Option to Defer Receipt until Termination of Board Service.     Under our Non-Employee Director Compensation Plan, the annual fee and equity awards earned by our non-employee directors may be deferred in either cash (for the annual fee) and/or deferred stock. Each deferred stock unit is equal in value to a share of common stock, and ultimately will be paid in cash after a director retires. These stock units do not have voting rights, but do receive dividends in the form of additional stock units which are credited to the director's account on the date dividends are paid. All cash fees deferred are held in our general funds, and interest on such deferred fees is credited to the director's account at the then current U.S. 90-day Treasury bill rate on a quarterly basis.

Charitable Donation Matching Program.     All directors are eligible to participate in a charitable matching gift program. Under this program, in 2016 we matched up to $50,000 per year in contributions by each director to institutions qualified as tax-exempt organizations under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and other institutions approved at the discretion of management. We may decline to match any contribution to an institution with goals that are incompatible with ours, or due to conflicts with our director independence policy. This program is not available for matching of political contributions. While the contributions are directed by our directors, we retain the tax deduction for matching contributions paid by us.

Other Amounts.     As part of our director continuing education program, each director is eligible to be reimbursed by us for the cost and expenses relating to one education seminar per year. These amounts are excluded from the table below. Each non-employee director is also entitled to the use of a company vehicle, including the cost of routine maintenance and repairs and company-sponsored automobile insurance relating to that vehicle. All directors are also entitled to reimbursement for their reasonable out-of-pocket expenses in connection with their travel to, and attendance at, meetings of the Board of Directors or its committees. Because we expect attendance at all meetings, and a substantial portion of the Board of Directors' work is done outside of formal meetings, we do not pay meeting fees.