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PENSKE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, INC. filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/16/2017
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Compensation Discussion and Analysis

Executive Summary.     Our compensation program is designed to motivate our executive officers to enhance long-term stockholder value and to attract and retain the highest quality executive and key employee talent available. We believe our executive compensation should be aligned with increasing the value of our common stock and promoting our key strategies, values and long term financial and operational objectives. As further discussed below:

Mr. Penske beneficially owns approximately 34 million shares of our common stock, which significantly aligns his interests with the stockholders' interests
In the last several years, neither our Chief Executive Officer nor President has received an annual cash bonus as both only have received restricted stock grants in lieu of a cash bonus
The named executive officers receive long-term restricted stock grants with vesting provisions weighted towards the third and fourth years and are subject to stock ownership requirements discussed below, which encourages long-term stock ownership
We do not have any employment agreements with our named executive officers and have no agreements that provide for severance payments upon termination of employment
Our executive officers earn no additional retirement income under any supplemental executive retirement plan
Executive officers are subject to a "clawback" of incentive compensation for detrimental conduct to encourage compliance with policies and appropriate behavior and we prohibit our directors, officers and employees from engaging in hedging with respect to our equity securities (as discussed above under "Our Corporate Governance")
We structure our compensation practices to be consistent with and support sound risk management. Our compensation committee reviews risk associated with our compensation policies and has determined such risk is not excessive

In recent years, Mr. Penske has received an annual performance based award payable in shares of restricted stock. For 2016, Mr. Penske was eligible to attain up to 150% of his target performance based award. As detailed below, Mr. Penske achieved 70.8% of the performance targets listed below, entitling him to approximately $4.5 million in shares of restricted stock granted in February 2017.

In 2016, over 99% of the votes cast by our stockholders approved our 2015 executive compensation and there have not been any significant changes to the elements of our executive compensation in 2016.

Compensation Philosophy.     Other than with respect to Messrs. Kurnick and Penske, the majority of our executive and employee compensation is payable in cash in the short-term, and is comprised principally of salary and cash bonuses. We use cash compensation as the majority of our compensation because we believe it provides the most flexibility for our employees and is less dilutive to existing stockholders than equity compensation. The compensation committee also recognizes that stock prices may reflect factors other than long-term performance, such as general economic conditions and varying attitudes among investors toward the stock market in general and toward automotive retail companies specifically. However, we also provide long-term compensation in the form of restricted stock awards for senior employees. Our restricted stock program awards typically vest over four years, with 70% of any award vesting in the third and fourth years. We believe this long term compensation helps to align management's goals with those of our other stockholders and provides a long-term retention inducement for our key employees, as discussed below under the heading "Incentive Equity Awards."

Outside Advisors and Consultants.     Our compensation committee has full access to any