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PENSKE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, INC. filed this Form DEF 14A on 03/16/2017
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The Compensation and Management Development Committee assists the Board of Directors in discharging its responsibility relating to:

executive officers' compensation
compensation and benefits of other employees
administration of our equity incentive plans
recommendations to the Board of Directors with respect to director compensation
management progression and succession plans

The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee:    

identifies prospective candidates for our Board of Directors
recommends director nominees for each annual meeting of stockholders and any interim vacancies the Board of Directors determines to fill
recommends to the Board of Directors corporate governance principles
annually reviews our corporate governance policies
oversees the Board self-evaluation
oversees our compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

Executive Committee.    Our Executive Committee's primary function is to act upon matters when the Board of Directors is not in session. The Executive Committee has the full power and authority of the Board of Directors, except to the extent limited by law or our certificate of incorporation or bylaws or other governance documents.

Board Structure and Lead Director.     Roger S. Penske is the Chairman of our Board of Directors and our Chief Executive Officer. We believe the combination of these two offices represents the most appropriate approach for our company due to Mr. Penske's significant ownership position through Penske Corporation, his extensive automotive industry experience, his relationships with our key automotive partners and his experience as an executive and a director of some of the world's leading companies. In light of the combination of these positions, one of our governance principles is to have an independent "Lead Director." Our Lead Director is responsible for:

coordinating and leading the activities of the outside directors
establishing the agenda for executive sessions of the outside directors
presiding at the executive sessions of the outside directors which generally occur as part of each Board meeting
facilitating communication between the outside directors as a group and our management team

Our Lead Director is H. Brian Thompson. He may be contacted by leaving a message at the following telephone number: 800-469-1634. All messages will be reviewed by our Corporate Secretary's office and all (other than frivolous messages) will be forwarded to the Lead Director. Any written communications to the independent directors as a group or the entire Board of Directors may be sent care of the Corporate Secretary to our principal executive office. These communications (other than frivolous messages) will also be forwarded to the Lead Director.

Director Independence.     A majority of our Board of Directors is independent and each of the members of our audit, compensation and nominating committees is independent. The Board of Directors has determined that Mss. Davis, McWaters and Pierce and Messrs. Barr, Eisenson, Lovejoy, Steinhart and Thompson are each independent in accordance with the listing requirements of the New York Stock Exchange and our guidelines for independent directors which can be found in our corporate governance guidelines on our website and as set forth below. As required by New York Stock Exchange rules, our Board of Directors determined that no material relationship exists which would interfere with the exercise of independent judgment in carrying out the responsibilities of the independent directors.

For a director to be considered independent under our corporate governance guidelines, the Board of Directors must determine that the director does not have any direct or indirect