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PENSKE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/24/2017
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We sell over 40 brands in our markets and our automotive dealership revenue mix consists of 72% related to premium brands, 24% related to volume non-U.S. brands, and 4% related to brands of U.S. based manufacturers. We believe our largely premium and non-U.S. brand mix will continue to offer us the opportunity to generate same-store growth, including higher margin service and parts sales. The following chart reflects our percentage of total retail automotive dealership revenue by brand:


C:\Users\mvangb\Desktop\10K\Penske Automotive\01-24-2017\3058-1_brand_3d_k_pie.jpg


We sell and service outstanding automotive brands in our premium facilities, in attractive geographic markets. Where advantageous, we aggregate our automotive dealerships in a campus setting in order to build a destination location for our customers, which we believe helps to drive increased customer traffic to each of the brands at the location. This strategy also creates an opportunity to reduce personnel expenses, consolidate advertising and administrative expenses and leverage operating expenses over a larger base of dealerships.


Expand Revenues at Existing Locations and Increase Higher-Margin Businesses


Increase Same-Store Sales. We believe our emphasis on superior customer service and premium facilities will contribute to increases in same-store sales over time. We have added a significant number of incremental service bays in recent years in order to better accommodate our customers and further enhance our higher-margin service and parts revenues.


Grow Finance, Insurance, and Other Aftermarket Revenues. Each sale of a vehicle provides us the opportunity to assist in arranging financing for the sale of a vehicle, to sell the customer an extended service contract or other insurance product, and to sell aftermarket products, such as security systems and protective coatings. Where possible, we attempt to vertically integrate with the captive finance companies of the manufacturers we represent and to supplement these offerings with preferred lenders as necessary. In order to improve our finance and insurance business, we focus on enhancing training programs and implementing process improvements which we believe will improve our overall revenues.


Expand Service and Parts and Collision Repair Revenues. Today’s vehicles are increasingly complex and require sophisticated equipment and specially trained technicians to perform certain services. Additionally, many manufacturers today are offering maintenance programs packaged with the vehicle sale. These programs require customers to have the service work performed at a factory-authorized dealership. Unlike independent service shops, our dealerships are authorized to perform this work under warranties provided by manufacturers. Additionally, we offer maintenance