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PENSKE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/24/2017
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Long-Term Business Strategy


Our long-term business strategy focuses on several key areas in an effort to foster long-term relationships with our customers. The key areas of our long-term strategy follow:


· Attract, develop, and empower associates to grow our business;

· Maintain diversification;

· Offer outstanding brands in premium facilities and superior customer service;

· Expand revenues at existing locations and increase higher-margin businesses;

· Grow through strategic acquisitions;

· Enhance customer satisfaction;

· Leverage scale and implement “best practices”; and

· Leverage digital marketing.


Attract, Develop, and Empower Associates to Grow our Business


We view our local managers and associates as one of our most important assets. We operate in a decentralized manner that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit where each dealership or business unit has independent operational and financial management responsible for day-to-day operations. We believe experienced local managers are better qualified to make day-to-day decisions concerning the successful operation of a business unit and can be more responsive to our customers’ needs. We seek local management that not only has relevant industry experience, but is also familiar with the local market. We also have regional management that oversees operations and supports the local unit operationally and administratively. We invest for future growth and offer outstanding brands and facilities which we believe attract outstanding talent. We believe attracting the best talent and allowing our associates to make business decisions at the local level helps to foster long-term growth through increased repeat and referral business.


Maintain Diversification


Our business benefits from our diversified revenue mix, including the multiple revenue streams in a traditional dealership (new vehicles, used vehicles, finance and insurance, and service and parts operations), revenues from our retail commercial truck dealership operations, our commercial vehicle distribution operations, and returns relating to our joint venture investments, which we believe helps to mitigate the cyclicality that has historically impacted some elements of the automotive sector. We are further diversified within our retail automotive operations due to our brand mix, where we represent more than 40 brands, and geographically, where we operate across more than 15 states. One of the unique attributes of our operations versus our peers is our diversification outside the U.S., with operations across nine countries.