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PENSKE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/24/2017
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discontinued operations. The information in the table reflects future unconditional payments and is based upon, among other things, the terms of any relevant agreements. Future events, including acquisitions, divestitures, new or revised operating lease agreements, borrowings or repayments under our credit agreements and our floor plan arrangements, and purchases or refinancing of our securities, could cause actual payments to differ significantly from these amounts.  Potential payments noted above under “Off-Balance Sheet Arrangements” are excluded from this table.























Less than








More than


(In millions)




1 year


1 to 3 years


3 to 5 years


5 years


Floor plan notes payable (A)














Long-term debt obligations

















Operating lease commitments

















Scheduled interest payments (B)

















Uncertain tax positions (C)

































Floor plan notes payable are revolving financing arrangements. Payments are generally made as required pursuant to the floor plan borrowing agreements discussed above under “Vehicle Financing.”



Estimates of future variable rate interest payments under floor plan notes payable and our credit agreements are excluded due to our inability to estimate changes in interest rates in the future. See “Vehicle Financing,” “U.S. Credit Agreement,” and “U.K. Credit Agreement” in Part II, Item 8 of the Notes to our Consolidated Financial Statements set forth below for a discussion of such variable rates.



Due to the subjective nature of our uncertain tax positions, we are unable to make reasonably reliable estimates of the timing of payments arising in connection with the unrecognized tax benefits; however, as a result of the statute of limitations, we do not expect any of these payments to occur in more than 5 years. We have thus classified these as “3 to 5 years.” 


We expect that, other than for scheduled payments upon the maturity or termination dates of certain of our debt instruments, the amounts above will be funded through cash flows from operations or borrowings under our credit agreements. In the case of payments upon the maturity or termination dates of our debt instruments, we currently expect to be able to refinance such instruments in the normal course of business or otherwise fund them from cash flows from operations or borrowings under our credit agreements.


Related Party Transactions


Stockholders Agreement


Several of our directors and officers are affiliated with Penske Corporation or related entities. Roger S. Penske, our Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, is also Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Penske Corporation, and through entities affiliated with Penske Corporation, our largest stockholder owning approximately 40% of our outstanding common stock. Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Mitsui & Co. (USA), Inc. (collectively, “Mitsui”) own approximately 18% of our outstanding common stock. Mitsui, Penske Corporation and certain other affiliates of Penske Corporation are parties to a stockholders agreement pursuant to which the Penske affiliated companies agreed to vote their shares for up to two directors who are representatives of Mitsui. In turn, Mitsui agreed to vote their shares for up to fourteen directors voted for by the Penske affiliated companies. This agreement terminates in March 2024, upon the mutual consent of the parties, or when either party no longer owns any of our common stock.


Other Related Party Interests and Transactions


Roger S. Penske is also a managing member of Transportation Resource Partners, an organization that invests in transportation-related industries. Robert H. Kurnick, Jr., our President and a director, is also the President and a director of Penske Corporation. Greg Penske, one of our directors, is the son of our chairman and is also a board member of Penske Corporation. Kanji Sasaki, one of our directors and officers, is also an employee of Mitsui & Co.