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PENSKE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/24/2017
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our agreements with manufacturers, our certificate of incorporation, and our bylaws, could discourage, delay or prevent a change in control of us.


Some of our directors and officers may have conflicts of interest with respect to certain related party transactions and other business interests. Roger Penske, our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and a director, and Robert Kurnick, Jr., our President and a director, hold the same offices at Penske Corporation. Each of these officers is paid much of their compensation by Penske Corporation. The compensation they receive from us is based on their efforts on our behalf, however, they are not required to spend any specific amount of time on our matters. One of our directors, Greg Penske, is the son of our Chairman and also serves as a director of Penske Corporation. Roger Penske also serves as Chairman at Penske Truck Leasing, for which he is compensated by PTL.


Penske Corporation has pledged its shares of common stock to secure a loan facility. Penske Corporation has pledged all of its shares of our common stock as collateral to secure a loan facility. A default by Penske Corporation could result in the foreclosure on those shares by the lenders, after which the lenders could attempt to sell those shares on the open market or to a third party. Any such change in ownership and/or sale could materially impact the market price of our common stock. See below “Penske Corporation ownership levels.”


Penske Corporation ownership levels. Certain of our agreements have clauses that are triggered in the event of a material change in the level of ownership of our common stock by Penske Corporation, such as our trademark agreement between us and Penske Corporation that governs our use of the “Penske” name which can be terminated 24 months after the date that Penske Corporation no longer owns at least 20% of our voting stock. We may not be able to renegotiate such agreements on terms that are acceptable to us, if at all, in the event of a significant change in Penske Corporation’s ownership.


We have a significant number of shares of common stock eligible for future sale. Penske Corporation and Mitsui own approximately 58% of our common stock and each has two demand registration rights that could result in a substantial number of shares being introduced for sale in the market. We also have a significant amount of authorized but unissued shares. The introduction of any of these shares into the market could have a material adverse effect on our stock price.


Item 1B.  Unresolved Staff Comments


Not applicable.


Item 2.  Properties


We lease or sublease substantially all of our dealership properties and other facilities. These leases are generally for a period of between 5 and 20 years, and are typically structured to include renewal options at our election. We lease office space in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Leicester, England and Brisbane, Australia for our principal administrative headquarters and other corporate related activities. We believe that our facilities are sufficient for our needs and are in good repair.


Item 3.  Legal Proceedings


We are involved in litigation which may relate to claims brought by governmental authorities, customers, vendors, or employees, including class action claims and purported class action claims. We are not a party to any legal proceedings, including class action lawsuits, that individually or in the aggregate, are reasonably expected to have a material effect on us. However, the results of these matters cannot be predicted with certainty, and an unfavorable resolution of one or more of these matters could have a material adverse effect.


Item 4.  Mine Safety Disclosures


Not applicable.