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PENSKE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/24/2017
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Our marketing strategy takes a two-pronged approach that focuses strongly on our individual businesses to capitalize on our local branding, as well as corporate programs and web presence that allows us to leverage our scale and parent brands. We align ourselves with the marketing implemented by our OEM partners for their respective brands and integrate those initiatives and resources across our businesses.


The central core of our strategy revolves around a data driven approach that combines key metrics and trends from industry and consumer studies, our customer relations management systems and performance data from our businesses. This approach emphasizes objectivity and transparency in our marketing efforts and allows us to produce return on investment metrics to gauge our success.


Our dealerships have strong local brand and name recognition and are respected in their local communities. As such, we focus our efforts on our individual businesses to capitalize on their strong local reputation utilizing advanced digital marketing practices and traditional media in select markets. To supplement local marketing, we also implement corporate initiatives that link our local businesses to leverage our scale and parent brand recognition.


Parallel to our initiatives, manufacturers supplement our efforts through advertising and financing campaigns that promote their respective brands. We leverage manufacturer efforts by focusing on common marketing metrics and aligning our initiatives with the manufacturer to create a strong and consistent message for our customers.


We leverage our scale by using consistent performance metrics across the group to identify best practices and opportunities and negotiate enterprise arrangements for key marketing partners. We utilize a single, unified, customer relationship management tool for our new vehicle dealerships in the U.S. in order to enhance and streamline customer communication, provide visibility into our sales pipeline and measure return on investment for lead sources across the organization.


Consistent with our data-driven approach, as consumers have continued to shift towards digital platforms for their buying process, our marketing strategy places a strong emphasis on all forms of digital marketing; however, where appropriate, we continue to utilize traditional marketing avenues in select markets, including targeted newspaper, direct mail, television, and radio advertising.


In order to attract customers and enhance our customer service, each of our dealerships maintains its own website platform.  All of our dealership websites employ consistent functionality and design formats while ensuring standards and requirements are met for each manufacturer. This allows us to minimize costs and benefit from consistent processes across our dealerships.


In addition to the individual websites, we advertise most of our U.S. and U.K. automotive retail new and pre-owned vehicle inventory online through and, respectively. These websites are designed to make it easy for consumers, employees and partners to view and compare on average over 50,000 new, certified and pre-owned vehicles. These sites, together with our dealership websites, provide consumers a simple method to schedule maintenance and repair services at their local Penske Automotive Group dealership and view extensive vehicle information, including photos, prices, promotions, videos and third party vehicle history reports for pre-owned vehicles. Customers may also download our app to access our vehicle inventory, contact dealers, explore payments, or get instant trade offers at their convenience. The manufacturers’ websites, in addition to our corporate websites, serve as lead generating tools to our dealerships. In the U.K., manufacturers also provide a website for the dealership. We also supplement the advertisement of our vehicles with the use of selected third party independent websites.


We constantly strive to build and optimize our online presence across multiple platforms in order to drive organic and high quality traffic to our business. By focusing on social media, search engine management, video, reputation management and online chat, we proactively optimize all avenues of digital customer engagement. As an example, each of our dealerships maintains a Facebook property to build dealership awareness, focus on community involvement and enhance repeat and referral business. We also leverage our corporate social media efforts and partners to benefit our dealerships and create a strong sense of community. Most importantly, once our clients have reached us, the content that