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SEC Filings

PENSKE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/24/2017
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We typically receive a portion of the cost of the financing or leasing paid by the customer for each transaction as a fee. While these services are generally non-recourse to us, we are subject to chargebacks in certain circumstances, such as default under a financing arrangement or prepayment. These chargebacks vary by finance product but typically are limited to the fee we receive. As further discussed in “Item 1A. Risk Factors,” the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau has instituted regulatory proceedings which may change the way we are compensated for assisting our customers in obtaining financing, which could result in lower related revenues.


We also offer our customers various vehicle warranty and extended protection products, including extended service contracts, maintenance programs, guaranteed auto protection (known as “GAP,” this protection covers the shortfall between a customer’s loan balance and insurance payoff in the event of a total loss), lease “wear and tear” insurance and theft protection products. The extended service contracts and other products that our dealerships currently offer to customers are underwritten by independent third parties, including the vehicle manufacturers’ captive finance companies. Similar to finance transactions, we are subject to chargebacks relating to fees earned in connection with the sale of certain extended protection products. We also offer for sale other aftermarket products, including security systems and protective coatings.


We offer finance and insurance products using a “menu” process, which is designed to ensure that we offer our customers a complete range of finance, insurance, protection, and other aftermarket products in a transparent manner. We provide training to our finance and insurance personnel to help ensure compliance with internal policies and procedures, as well as applicable state regulations.


Service and Parts Sales. Service and parts sales represented 10.4% of our retail automotive dealership revenue and 41.8% of our retail automotive dealership gross profit in 2016. We generate service and parts sales in connection with warranty and non-warranty work performed at each of our dealerships. We believe our service and parts revenues benefit from the increasingly complex technology used in vehicles that makes it difficult for independent repair facilities to maintain and repair today’s automobiles.


A goal of each of our dealerships is to make each vehicle purchaser a customer of our service and parts department. Our dealerships keep detailed records of our customers’ maintenance and service histories, and many dealerships send reminders to customers when vehicles are due for periodic maintenance or service. Many of our dealerships have extended evening and weekend service hours for the convenience of our customers. We also offer rapid repair services such as paint-less dent repair, headlight reconditioning, wheel repairs, tire sales and windshield replacement at most of our facilities in order to offer our customers the convenience of one-stop shopping for all of their automotive requirements. We also operate 37 automotive collision repair centers, each of which is operated as an integral part of our dealership operations.


Fleet and Wholesale Sales. Fleet and wholesale sales represented 5.5% of our retail automotive dealership revenue and 0.6% of our retail automotive dealership gross profit in 2016. Fleet activities represent the sale of new units to customers that are deemed to not be retail customers such as cities, municipalities or rental car companies and are generally sold at contracted amounts. Wholesale activities relate to the sale of used vehicles generally to other dealers and occur at auction. Vehicles sold through this channel generally include units acquired by trade-in that do not meet certain standards or aged units.


Retail Commercial Truck Dealership Operations


In November 2014, we acquired a controlling interest in a heavy and medium duty truck dealership group located primarily in Texas and Oklahoma, which we renamed Premier Truck Group (“PTG”). In 2015, we acquired an additional 5% of PTG, bringing our ownership interest to 96%. In April 2016, we acquired the remaining ownership interests of PTG, bringing our total ownership interest to 100%. This business generated $1.0 billion of revenue in 2016.


As of December 31, 2016, PTG operated twenty locations in the U.S. and Canada, including fourteen full-service dealerships offering primarily Freightliner and Western Star branded trucks. Two of these locations, Chattanooga and Knoxville, were acquired in February 2015.  Four of these locations were acquired in April 2016 and represent Freightliner and Western Star in the greater Toronto, Canada market area. We acquired two additional retail commercial truck dealerships that also represent Freightliner in December 2016 in the Niagara Falls, Canada market area. PTG also