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PENSKE AUTOMOTIVE GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 02/24/2017
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In addition to the individual websites, we advertise our U.S. and U.K. automotive retail new and pre-owned vehicle inventory online through and, respectively. These websites are designed to make it easy for consumers, employees and partners to view and compare on average over 50,000 new, certified and pre-owned vehicles. These sites, together with our dealership websites, provide consumers a simple method to schedule maintenance and repair services at their local Penske Automotive Group dealership and view extensive vehicle information, including photos, prices, promotions, videos and third party vehicle history reports for pre-owned vehicles. Customers may also download our app to access our vehicle inventory, contact dealers, explore payments, or get instant trade offers at their convenience. The manufacturers’ websites, in addition to our corporate websites, serve as lead generating tools to our dealerships. In the U.K., manufacturers also provide a website for the dealership. We also supplement the advertisement of our vehicles with the use of selected third party independent websites.


We constantly strive to build and optimize our online presence across multiple platforms in order to drive organic and high quality traffic to our business. By focusing on social media, search engine management, video, reputation management and online chat, we proactively optimize all avenues of digital customer engagement. As an example, each of our dealerships maintains a Facebook property to build dealership awareness, focus on community involvement and enhance repeat and referral business. We also leverage our corporate social media efforts and partners to benefit our dealerships and create a strong sense of community. Most importantly, once our clients have reached us, the content that we serve our customers is tailored to their method of engagement with us, the device they are using, and their specific requests, where applicable.


To further our digital strategy, and to respond to changing consumer preferences, we created a Preferred Purchase program available for many of our U.S. dealerships that incorporates new online functionality to streamline the sales process in our traditional business model. Preferred Purchase allows customers to value trade-in vehicles, review pricing, leasing and financing options, manufacturer incentive programs, and pre-qualify for credit, all online without visiting the dealership. This functionality is integrated and automated on a single platform that resides on both our individual dealership sites as well as our corporate sites. Preferred Purchase promotes transparency and is intended to speed up customer transaction times and give our customers the flexibility to choose the path or sales process most comfortable to them.